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New 2.0 app broke.

Just downloaded and installed the latest version. It presents you with a “start free trial” button, then you get a “something went wrong trying to connect to the iTunes Store.” I’ll be uninstalling.

Such a stupid app with sooo many pop up ads

This is one of those really annoying apps that has a pop up ad EVERY time u touch something. Then, they want u to pay way much more for this app than I think it’s worth. You can find way better apps than this for free.


I just spent $2.99 for NOTHING!!! It is false advertising. It says you can remove and make your own watermark... they need to add IF YOU SPEND AN ADDITIONAL $3.99... this is sooo wrong!!! I’m emailing Apple to try to get my money back.


Give me my money back! Do not buy this app; it has a watermark after paying $3 for it.

Rubbish Meme Creator

The PAID version slaps you with ads both when you first open it and again when you go to create something. THEN you find a big hairy watermark at the bottom of “your creation” AFTER you’ve been presented with the opportunity to hashtag their product. So, buying experience is something like paying $2.99 to watch an infomercial.


Can we please have sound on videos??! Or am I missing something?


meme god truly amazing

not sketchy

it's really good and it's like the only non sketchy meme app. but the watermark is humongous. i'm writing a review so they stop bugging me about it :))


Ok app


I paid to remove all pop ups and ads but this is some bs you guys are forcing the user to write a review. Good app tho. I'd like a feature where you guys add popular stock photo templates to create memes easier.

What is life

Lol I did this cause the app wouldn't stop annoying me about it


Would be really good if it didn't have the water mark or the ads EVERY SINGLE TIME U OPEN UP A NEW TAB... I liked the style just not the app...


Just no


Dank af

wasn't bad

it was okay not as good as a whole bunch but not bad

really cool

really great


Sick nasty bro



It's good but the watermark

Watermark must go but the rest is great

Take out the big created by meme thingy you have at the bottom right hand corner . It's distracting

Take out the big message at the bottom of each meme

Might get better

Hate being forced into reviews at the start before even trying an app out! And the ads before I see it! Ugh. I will put a solid review, maybe. Push me again.

You done screwed up

I thought this looked like a good app at first until there was a huge watermark that costs five dollars to remove. Like, really? Five dollars to remove a watermark? You could buy a Wendy's 4 for 4 and a pack of gum with that money instead and use a different free Twitter meme generator. And the fact that an ad pops up literally every time you press something doesn't sweeten the deal. Please improve this app if you want people to buy your poor excuses for in-app purchases.


This app is really fascinating and u would love it

Land mine of ads

I understand that the app is free, but I couldn't even effectively test out the app because every single time I touched something an Ad would pop up. I got extremely annoyed and deleted the app before I could even finish. It's sad because I would have totally paid for it if I could have at least gotten the chance to test it in peace.


It's okay

5 Sec incessant ad interruption

Doesn't allow you time to see if you'd even enjoy the app. Unless you've got a disposable income, This is an inadequate (considering it's a trial & you hardly get a fair chance to try the app without it trying to get you to use some random game app) unless you have patience to wait a minimal of an incessant 5 second (video) ad(s).

It's a nice, professional meme generator, but...

There's so many ads and the watermark is killing me! I understand that the creators needs to make their money somehow, but I shouldn't pay upwards of $6+ to remove all of that crap just so that I can keep my memes from being dreams.

Ad with every button press

Ri-f**king-diculous. Can't press anything without an ad popping up. Then they want money to remove ads, AND more money to remove watermark. Lame.

Muy buena


Ads everywhere

Everywhere I click theres ads 🤦🏽‍♀️

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